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Short Sale

Though every new homeowner initially intends to pay their mortgage on time and in full, many find themselves falling behind on their payments and unsure as to what to do about it. Unexpected events, such as the death of a family member, the loss of a job or separation from a spouse, can quickly make it impossible to make home payments on time. In time, this results in a default on the initial loan and the house is now in danger of foreclosure and might call for a short sale. At My Fast Home Buyers, we want to help you avoid foreclosure and all of the stress and anxiety associated with it.

When a homeowner is unable to make consistent and timely payments on a mortgage, concerns about foreclosure surface quickly and a short sale might be an option. The lender responsible for providing the mortgage wants to ensure that they get their investment back and aren’t often willing to wait too long before taking the next step toward getting it. Rather than wait until it’s too late and your home is foreclosed for next to nothing, take action now and sell to My Fast Home Buyers. We offer fast cash for your home while helping keep you out of trouble with your lender.

Due to the delicate nature of this type of situation, My Fast Home Buyers can only help prevent foreclosure if you act quickly. When the foreclosure process is completed, the opportunity to sell the home for a reasonable amount has passed. To get fast cash for what your home is really worth now, call our experienced team of real estate investment professionals today and let us begin the process of stopping foreclosure. We work quickly to beat foreclosure so that you maintain your good credit standing and walk away with a substantial, respectable amount of money for your home.


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