Ten Tips To Sell Your House Fast

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Ten Tips To Sell Your House Fast

1. Think of it as a house, not your home.

It’s easier to sell your house if you can step away from it emotionally and see it as others might. Depersonalize the house by packing up all mementos, photos, etc. It will help buyers to see the property as their potential new home, and help you to sell your house fast and move on.

2. Kill the clutter.

You know where it lurks—on countertops, desks, entry ways. Notice the places where clutter accumulates in your house and get rid of it.

3. Clean ‘til it sparkles.

Don’t just give the house a once-over with a damp rag. Clean it so that it could pass a white glove test if need be. Don’t let a dirty sink keep you from selling your home fast.

4. Don’t forget the outside.

How does your front porch look? Your back patio? Make sure they’re clean and tidy. Spruce up your landscaping, too. Mow, weed, and if you have few bucks to spare, plant a few flowers, or put some in pots on the porch. Make sure the first impression of your house is a welcoming one.

5. Organize your closets and drawers.

Neatness is appealing. Organize your closets and drawers by tidying shoes, corralling laundry into hampers, and even grouping the clothes in your closet together by color.

6. Put your pantry in order.

Prospective buyers will open your cabinet door and kitchen drawers. Give them something nice to look at. Toss out old spices and outdated food. Put foods in containers—you can even re-use old jars. A jar full of pasta shells looks much better than a half-used bag.

7. Make it smell nice.

First of all, get rid of any bad odors. Clean carpets, banish smelly rugs, get rid of any pet or smoke odors. Then make it smell good. Grind a citrus peel in your garbage disposal. Open the windows. Use a lemon-scented furniture polish. And yes, the old bake-a-batch-of-cookies trick works, too,

8. Make it fresh with flowers.

Flowers can also make your house smell wonderful, and help it look fresh and inviting. You don’t need to go to a fancy florist, either. Look in your own backyard. Fresh daisies, autumn leaves, or berry-filled branches can all make lovely arrangements.

9. Accessorize intentionally.

Now that you’ve de-personalized your house of mementos (see tip #1), look at the accessories you have left. Consider what will draw the eye to the house’s best features, and away from some of its faults. Group décor items in odd-numbered arrangements, making sure the overall look stays uncluttered. In order to sell your house fast, make it look like a model home: pretty, but not personal.

10. Let in some light.

A well- lit house, seems cleaner, brighter and more spacious. Take a closer look at the lighting in your house. Move lamps, open drapes, and change out bulbs to brighter ones if need be.

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