If you’re like most homeowners who are ready to sell, you probably have a list of repairs, upgrades, and improvements your home needs before selling. Does your house really need you to repair everything on the list to get a reasonable price, however? The answer is probably no. Here’s how to know what to fix and what to leave as is, depending on your goals, your property, and the real estate market.

Do You Want to Sell Fast?

Getting your home into “perfect” shape for sale can take months of renovations and updates – along with thousands of dollars you might not want to spend. If you need a major fix, such as replacing old pipes or fixing a crack in the home’s foundation, you’ll likely run into more issues along the way. If your goal is to sell your home within the next few weeks or months, you probably don’t want to take on the burden of serious home repairs.

Will the Repair Translate into Profits?

Homeowners who do decide to invest in fixing a property before selling probably think they will make up the costs of the repairs (and more) in the increased price of the listing. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Some home repairs will point to a profit, while others will only allow the homeowner to break even – or worse, lose money. Carefully assess how much a repair will cost you and whether it will translate into a higher list value before you invest.

Is Your Area Hot or Cold?

You won’t have to worry about the condition of your home as much if your neighborhood is in high demand. If homes in your market are selling fast and for competitive prices, odds are you can still get a good offer on your home as is. If not, it might be worthwhile to invest in home repairs. Note that there is another potential option, however – selling your Texas home as is for cash through a third-party home-buying service.

What Are Your Other Options?

It’s not necessarily true that you need to repair your home to get a fair price or to sell quickly. There is a third option you might not be aware of – My Fast Home Buyers. We purchase homes in any condition, no matter how long your list of needed repairs may be. We offer fast cash for home sales with fair offers. Plus, there is no obligation to sell to us when you request a quote. Simply give us a little information about your house and select “Yes,” to the question: “Are repairs needed?” We’ll get back to you soon with a fair purchase offer!