Fire Damage

A home that has been damaged by fire is often incredibly difficult to sell. Depending on the severity with which the house was damaged during the fire, even extensive repairs may not sufficiently improve its market resale value. In fact, many homeowners feel so discouraged by the damage incurred by their house that they give up the hope of selling it at all. Fortunately, there is a way to sell your home for cash quickly, regardless of the level of fire damage it has sustained.

At My Fast Home Buyers, we purchase homes and commercial buildings for cash, regardless of their physical condition. If the majority of the damage to your home is minor, such as discoloration of the ceiling and walls due to smoke, minor repairs and inexpensive renovation may be effective solutions to your problem. Simply cleaning the carpets and walls or applying a finishing coat of paint makes a dramatic difference in a home that has been superficially damaged by smoke or fire. Selling your home after these improvements is an option to consider as well as your selling price stands to be higher.

If, however, your home has suffered substantial damage due to fire and renovation is not a viable option, selling it as it is may be the right decision. We will evaluate your home and provide you with a no-obligation cash offer that you can use toward purchasing or building a new home for your family.

At My Fast Home Buyers, our caring and compassionate team of real estate investment professionals is here to help you through any difficult situation regarding your home. We believe that selling your fire damaged home should be quick, simple and convenient. Call today for your free cash offer.


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